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Office hours/Insurance

Check-up and Cleanings:

We have 3 full-time hygeinists for all of your cleaning needs.  An average cleaning appointment is scheduled for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  It also includes a medical history update, x-rays when needed, and an examination with Dr. Osborn.  Children may also have a fluoride treatment, when due.

Periodontal Procedures:

Our hygeinists also perform periodontal procedures when necessary.  Some of these procedures include a full mouth debridement, periodntal scaling and root planing, and periodontal maintenance cleanings.  More extensive periodontal procedures and surgeies may need to be performed by a Periodontist.


We now offer ZOOM! in office-whitening.  In 1 1/2 hours, you could leave our office with beautiful, whitened teeth!  Please ask us for details on this exciting treatment.

An alternative option to in-office whitening is a take-home treatment.  This includes custom, lab made trays that you fill with whitening gel.  Additional kits can be purchased for multiple uses.

We also have Opalescence Tres White take-home whitening trays.  They are a convenient and low-cost option for whitening that has been used by our staff and patients for over 10 years with wonderful results.


Our office performs composite (tooth colored) fillings on both anterior (front) and posterior (rear) teeth.  Amalgam (silver) fillings are performed only when dentally necessary.


A crown covers the entire chewing suface and all of the sides of a tooth, and are primarily made of high noble metal fused to porcelain.  Crowns may be necessary when a filling is not enough to properly restore your tooth. 

This can be for several reasons: 

  • to protect a weak tooth from breaking
  • to restore an already broken tooth, or one that has been worn down
  • to cover and support a tooth with an already large filling and not much natural tooth structure
  • to cover a misshapen or misaligned tooth
  • to cover a tooth after root canal therapy

Tooth Replacement:

There are 3 common tooth replacement options that we perform: 

  • Implants--done in conjunction with a Periodontist
  • Crown and Bridge
  • Removable Dentures